Monday, July 27, 2009

3: Episode 3: Revenge of the Scott

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Scott was away for a week, thus begetting a hiatus from the old cast. But now he's back and better than ever in what proves to be the most entertaining, offensive podcast ever!

(I will begin advertising myself with phrases such as this. I know it's only mildly offensive and even less entertaining, but if a lie can garner me attention and an audience, then it's a lie worth telling. Right gang?)

On, and pass my lies on to all your friends who might enjoy this podcast. Let's start a virtual family!

(And respond to this post with your favorite Book/Movie/TV Show. Please. There, I asked nicely.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

2: The Second Podcast!

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The Second Scott Heun Podcast to save and download yourself

For starters, you must forgive the opening song. I was in a patriotic spirit and I'd already started singing it before I realized it was a bad idea. Other than that, this sophomore(ic?) podcast, may just be better than the first one. You'll just have to find out.

Boyband King!

Yes, you heard right. I Scott am the king of all boyband knowledge and knower of all things boyband. I've kept it bottled up so long, but now I feel it's time to amaze the world with my skillz (and by "skillz" I mean my aforementioned knowledge of all things boyband).

Do some research and look up a piece of trivia about a boyband. The Second podcast gives the time frame of my expertise, so stay within that. Post your question as a comment to this post, and I will answer the question on podcast number 3 next week. Sound like fun? It will be. And the more the merrier. Tell all your friends to play along, and see if you can stump Scott.